Camp Catanese Foundation Scholarship

Since its start, the Camp Catanese Foundation has awarded over 400 deserving scholars in the greater Phoenix area scholarships for higher education opportunities, helping students to attend high schools and colleges of their choice.

Eligibility Requirements

  • First Generation college student
  • Resident of Phoenix, Arizona, graduating from an Arizona High School
  • Alum of Camp Catanese

Supplemental Questions
  1. Select the Camp Catanese events you have attended (select all that apply)
  2. After any scholarships and grants you currently have been awarded, what do you anticipate your annual cost to attend college will be (subtract the dollar amount of scholarships & grants you will receive from the approximate total annual tuition from the college you wish to attend)?
  3. What Camp Catanese Scholarship amount will help you enroll or continue your studies in college next year?
  4. How has Camp Catanese impacted you?
  5. For alumni/current college students: How would a scholarship from the Camp Catanese Foundation support your college journey?